Nurture was started in 2009 in China by Kehinde Komolafe. Kehinde moved to Beijing, China, to study Mandarin. As well as studying, she got a part-time job teaching business English and ended-up at some of the world’s biggest and most popular companies. She noticed brilliant scientists and engineers struggled to develop and convey their work in line with business objectives, and their managers frustrated that requirements were unmet. She developed training methods and programs to address this problem.

Since Nurture started, we have trained hundreds of innovators and their enablers ranging from age 22 to 60, from new recruits to highly experienced in industries such as fast consumer products, electrical engineering, pharmaceutical and technology. We have worked with clients in China, Japan, Singapore, the UK and the US.

Meet Kehinde


I feel really blessed that my job allows me to interact with really smart and driven people. I learn a lot from them and their drive makes me work harder and want to be better. I love that I get to use my skills, talents and experiences to help my clients achieve their lives’ mission and goals.

For fun, I listen to podcasts mostly while working out. They make doing single leg squats and deadlifts less painful and almost enjoyable! I also like watching TV shows in foreign languages, particularly in Mandarin and Spanish, I find this is an excellent way to maintain my languages skills. I’m slowing making my way through a very long list of all the places I want to travel to (and live). I hope to one day read as many books as I buy.


photo of Kehinde Komolafe

I took Kehinde’s training about three years ago. I have to say that this is one of the best trainings that I have ever taken.

I have benefitted from her customized training course for almost each of my public talks and scientific meetings. The training has made me feel pretty confident, empowered and be productive as an innovator and a scientist.

I would highly recommend someone who has strong desire and ambition to succeed to take this training for improving their communication skills.

Xiandong Wang – Boston, USA

I had the pleasure to work with Kehinde during my time as Technology General Manager at P&G in Beijing. Brining Kehinde in to help develop true innovators & trigger the required larger culture change, is a smart investment that every company that wants to improve its Innovation Productivity should embrace. On top you get to work with Kehinde herself – an amazing warm person that keeps pushing boundaries of what is/should be possible – as proven also by her amazing life story!

John van der Linden – Brussels, Belguim

I always knew how to speak, but Nurture’s program taught me how to communicate. It pushed me far away from my comfort zone, and while being hard, the coaching instilled a new level of confidence and led me to the development of a whole host of highly practical skills and habits. With no exaggeration, it has made my life easier.

Yuri Roiter – Cincinnati, USA

Kehinde is a great coach for innovators to sharpen their purposeful and strategic communication. She brings you a very tailored and interactive coaching for your specific needs with inspirational ideas. Her insights on business and culture facilitate innovative solutions for your personal challenges.

Jacky Zhang – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nurture Group’s training gave me the tools and skills to know my audience, and do the prep work required before communication with them. I still regularly use these tools three years after I completed the training, to continuously improve my skills.

Mark Guan – Beijing, China

I attended Kehinde’s Insight training in 2012-2013. This is the best and most valuable training I have ever joined. During this training, Kehinde continuously drove me out of my comfort zone, which made me learn and grow very fast. The key things she instilled in me are thinking deeply, working harder, being skillful and how to effectively convey ideas and engage others. Like the name she gives to her training, she can always discover the mechanism and insight under the surface of anything. Till today, I am still practicing what she taught me.

Kehinde is an inspirational leader, an insightful mentor and a warm-hearted friend.

Cheng Ying – Beijing, China

Nurture Group’s training makes lasting impact. Today, after two years, I am still using their tools to prepare and deliver presentations for effectively engaging, aligning and inspiring my stakeholders. I still listen to podcasts that NG recommended to get new ideas and to continuously sharpen my communication skills. I would highly recommend their training to people who feel you have great ideas and have challenges to get others to embrace and support your ideas.

Nancy Yu – Boston, USA

Unlike other communication skills trainers Kehinde customizes her program to perfectly fit each individual’s circumstances through consistence and positive feedback and encouragement. The interactions with her were inspiring and full of fun, and more importantly, I “saw” the improvement along the way, which was truly amazing!!!

You Jun – Cincinnati, USA

Nurture Group training not only helped to improve my communication skills, but also helped to change my mindset to be more positive and to see and realize possibilities.

Haibo Ren – Hong Kong

After I completed my Phd and joined a global firm, I found that my communication skills were the biggest barrier I faced. Joining Nurture Group’s training helped to eliminate this barrier. During and after the training I got very positive feedback from my managers and peers. It is a tough training and you really need to follow the instructions and practice a lot. But once you finished the training, you find that the skills you obtained stay with you, you remember them like you do riding a bike or swimming.

Xiao Pu – Beijing, China

As a scientist the training helped me develop a business mindset and to understand my audiences better. I saw a big change in my thinking! The tools gotten from the training are really useful. A couple of years on from completing the training I’m still using the tools to help me prepare and get the most out of my meetings and presentations.

Huang Xu – Beijing, China

Honestly, I didn’t know what I would get from Nurture Group’s training. As a Scientist, I always thought my factual, data-driven communication was very good until I met Kehinde Komolafe. She quickly diagnosed areas that I needed to improve, then, tailored a training program around me. For the first time, I realized how important effective communication is in my work and personal life. I not only learned some essential communication skills but it also sharpened my general observation and questioning skills.

Since completing the program, I have gotten great feedback on my communication from my managers and colleagues. I feel so proud to have done it. Thank you so much Kehinde!

Ruike Wang – Beijing, China

As an Asian working in an American company, it was very challenging for me to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas, and to influence innovation direction and business decisions. The training program Nurture Group developed for my company built my confidence and equipped me with useful tools, high impact and persuasive communication. Further, the program exposed me to resources that broadened my horizon, appreciate culture differences, and it shifted my mindset.

Liu Wei – Beijing, China

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