We create fit-for-purpose, unique and highly practical programs to support and empower innovators. Our programs lasts on average 20 weeks.


While our work is rooted in providing longer term training, we do by special request and if we feel it is fitting conduct workshops.


Kehinde, our founder and chief nurturer is available to share her experience and lessons from over a decade of nurturing innovators internationally. Examples of topics she talks about can be found on the blog.

What Makes Nurture Unique?

Our training programs are designed to meet clients’ specific business needs and goals. We take time to really understand their business, it is after we have done this do we proceed to use our in-house unique methodology to design programs for our clients. Once our programs are implemented we monitor to see if they are having the desired business impact. We use feedback from clients to constantly re-jig and improve our programs.

Our programs support innovation. We design practical exercises to equip innovators with the mindset and skills to better develop and convey ideas inline with the business. So our clients innovate faster and better, for example, they learn how to quickly turn an idea into a prototype and get it through all the relevant stakeholders.

We believe in and practice sustainability through the skills we impart and relationships built with our clients. Our programs deliver life-long skills. This is why our programs last on average 20 weeks, to allow time for a mindset shift and adeptness in skills taught. As one client described: “once you finished Nurture’s training, you find that the skills you obtained stay with you, you remember them like you do riding a bike or swimming”. We like to build long-term partnerships with our clients, we have been providing services to Procter & Gamble (P&G) since 2009.

Our work travel across cultures and markets. Kehinde, our founder, design programs based on her experiences of living, studying, working and traveling in all continents. Further, our programs have been successfully taught to people from diverse backgrounds and countries.

What Is A Typical Example Of When Clients Approach Nurture?

Companies often approach us when their innovators have become ineffective, unable to demonstrate the business benefits of their work. They also seek our help when innovators (and their companies) have come to an inflection point and need to step up.

We believe companies don’t innovate, people do. Our mission is to support innovators with their own mission to solve some of the world‘s biggest problems. We do this by creating training programs that equip technologists, scientists, engineers, designers, and their managers with the mindset and skills to develop ideas, convey work and navigate through the complexities of their organizations and markets.

When clients approach us, the first thing we do is take time to study and understand their business, their challenges and objectives. It is only after this step do we proceed to design and implement programs to meet clients‘ needs.

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